Bun-J Ride Annecy

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Looking for a real thrill ? You’ve already tried bungee jumping, sliding down every zip line there is and are looking for even more adrenaline ?

Then a Bun-J ride is perfect for you !

Activ’Annecy is happy to introduce you to this new sensational activity, a cross between ski jumping, bungee jumping and a zip line !

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What’s a bun-j ride ?

Bun-J Ride, also called bungee is a very recent activity, invented in 2009.

Someone from Haute Savoie, Jean-François Michelin had this amazing idea : Taking some speed on a 28 meter ramp before jumping into the void attached by two elastic bungees. Once you’re done falling, you slide down a zip line to complete the adrenaline rush !

Discovering bun-j ride in an exceptionnel setting

Your adventure will take place in Saint Jean de Sixt, next to la Clusaz and Grand Bornand, in the middle of one of Haute Savoie’s most beautiful massifs.

The ramp was build on a cliff hanging over a mountain river : a wonderful setting that you can admire before, during and after the jump !

Who’s up for a bun-j ride ?

Young thrill seekers can experience a bungee from 14 years old. With friends or family, this great activity is sure to please young and old ! And for even more fun, we offer tandem jumps with a sledge or by foot so you can share this unforgettable moment with a friend !

And for people coming in the winter we have some good news, you can jump with skis or a snowboard of our ramp in Tignes !

And is it safe ?

If you’re a little scared to try out this activity, know that the security is very strong for bungee jumping ! The elastic bungees are reenforced with ropes resisting up to 2 tons of load and are sliding on very resisting steel cables.

The entire installation and all of the material are approved with Afnor 501 and 502 standards by Alpes Contrôles, the same company that checks the ski lifts.

Bun-J Ride offers

Extreme jump 1 person

From 14 years old

Choose your way of jumping, with or without taking speed and enjoy the adrenaline rush !

  • Minimum weight : 40 Kg
  • Maximum weight : 120 kg

Tandem jump

From 14 years old

Not willing to jump alone ? Go for a tandem jump with a sledge or by foot !

  • Minimum weight : 80 Kg
  • Maximum weight : 140 kg

How does a Bun-J Ride take place ?

You’ll be equipped with a harness attached to two elastic bungees which are themselves connected to the steel cables. You can choose your way of jumping : with a sledge or a bike, alone or with two…Take some speed on the 28 meters long ramp and jump 42 meters deep into the void !

For the more adventurous it is possible to jump with skis, a snowboard, a sledge or a bike while others can simply jump without taking any speed, you can even try out the trampoline version.


Summer location : Saint jean de Sixt, behind the tourism office (30 minutes from Annecy)

Winter location : Tignes, you will find the ramp next to the Merles red slope where you can get with the Merles or Grattalu lifts, close to the snow park. (2 hours from Annecy)


Specific conditions

  • Minimum weight : 40 kg
  • Maximum weight : 120 Kg
  • Health certificate required for people over 60 years old.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed.


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