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Discover hang-gliding with Activ’Annecy and their flying men ! Flight enthusiasts with over 15 years of experience, thanks to our instructors you will definitely experience an exceptional moment full of sensation.

Not sure if jumping of the top of a mountain is such a good idea ? Take a look at our introduction video…

Hang-gliding is the purest flying experience there is. The same way Icarus dreamed it, you will be carried away by the glider and fly around like a bird.

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Hang-gliding or paragliding ?

Also called a deltaplane, a hang-glider is a non-motorized aircraft for a true free flight experience.

Hang-gliding uses the hot air flows, known as thermals, to go up in the air the same way paragliding does. But contrary to a paraglider with a flexible structure, a hang-glider is made of a rigid frame carrying the wing and harness attached to it.

Bigger and heavier, a hang-glider also flies faster and smoother then a paraglider.

Haute Savoie, the ideal place to try out hang-gliding

There’s no better way to take in new landscapes than in the air. That’s why a hang-gliding tandem flight over Lake Annecy and its breathtaking surroundings is an incredible experience !

Comfortably installed in the harness, your wing in the back, gliding with the wind…you’ll get to fly the same way eagles do and admire the mountains, green landscapes and clear blue Lake Annecy.

And since there’s no engine, nothing will disturb this peaceful moment !

Anxious or adventurous, hang-gliding’s for everyone

When flying in the air, there’s no contact whatsoever with the ground… And that’s why it is not possible to get afraid of heights! To cause this fear, the body needs a solid point to refer too and that’s not the case when flying. So no more excuses !

Even the youngest ones, from 4 years old, can do their hang-gliding tandem flight so even they will have some unforgettable memories !

And don’t forget to tell your pilot if you’re seeking for adrenaline : he will be pleased to impress you with some wing-overs !

Hang-gliding offers

Discovery flight

10 to 20 min
20 to 80 kg

Flight in the calm morning air.

*A discount of 10€ for children (from 4 to 10 years) and 5€ for students (from 10 yo to 18 yo and more with student card) from 10 am until 11 am.

Thermal flight

20 to 30 min
20 to 110 kg

A flight in search of thermals to make the pleasure last.

Prestige flight

30 to 45 min
20 to 100 kg

A flight where we fly around longer and further thanks to the thermals.

Acrobatic’ flight

20 to 30 min
20 to 75 kg

An afternoon adrenaline flight !

Maximum weight : 75 kg

How does hang-gliding take place ?

Once you’ve arrived at the meeting point, your instructor takes you to the take-off at Col de la Forclaz. There he will provide you with a harness and helmet for the flight. After a few strides to take off, you will fly back with a tandem hang-glider to Doussard.

Upon arrival, you will have the possibility to take the pictures and videos of your flight home.


  • Clothes adapted to the weather.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Closed shoes.
  • A not too thick jacket (and gloves if it’s cold).
  • All of your good mood !


  • Physical condition needed : the hang-glider needs a few strides in order to take off (however hang-gliding can also be accessible to people with limited mobility).
  • Age limit : no limit.
  • Weight limit : 20kg to 110kg.
  • Medical restrictions : No pregnant women.
  • Activity available from March until November, depending on the weather conditions.

3 avis pour Hang-gliding Annecy

  1. Dan

    Very nice hang gliding experience
    Actually, we just went into the Activ’ Annecy office for quick chat about potential activities we could explore.
    But after the extremely nice conversation with Sarah, some cups of hot chocolate and coffee and all the valuable advise and information we have been given, we ended up with signing up for our first hang gliding adventure right away 🙂
    And, we have not been disappointed: The hang gliding activity that took place some days later was an outstanding experience.
    Sarah and the entire staff of Active’ Annecy are wonderful to work with. Very kind, professional, reliable and flexible. We can recommend Activ’ Annecy 100%.

  2. Jeanne

    J’ai adoré mon baptême de delta avec Gauthier, qui a su me mettre à l’aise et en confiance malgré mes appréhensions ! Je me suis sentie tout de suite en sécurité avec lui, et accueillie avec beaucoup de gentillesse et de patience dans son deltaplane. Le vol en lui-même est une expérience grisante : cadre somptueux, sensation de voler presque comme un oiseau et montées d’adrénaline lors des accélérations et des virages … Merci à l’équipe !

  3. Steve Scamell

    We visited Annecy and camped just lower down than the Chateau Menthon Bernard, above us soared dozens of Paragliders, it looked amazing.
    On our way back from Switzerland we stayed at Camping Le Pole near Doussard and nearby was the field where all the Paragliders and Hang Gliders were landing, at the booking office of Activ we spoke to Gretha, a charming and very friendly helpful young lady, (who spoke perfect English) and convinced me to take a flight. I flew with a very nice guy called Robby, very professional, no doubts about safety at all, talked through drills and during the flight explained what he was doing, what we were seeing etc.
    I enjoyed the experience and thoroughly recommend this team.

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