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You want to spice up your stay in Annecy ? How about jumping out of a perfectly good helicopter, crazy right ?!

If you’re a fan of aerial activities with a high dose of adrenaline on top and you’re looking for the ultimate thrill, then skydiving is perfect for you !

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Free falling in front of Mont Blanc

Only a few kilometers from Annecy, Mont Blanc (4 809 meters high) the highest mountain of Western Europe looks over the Alps, in between France and Italy.

You will meet with your instructor at the bottom of this legendary mountain, there he will give you a short briefing on the position to hold during the jump, flight and at the landing. You will be equipped with a harness a few minutes before leaving.

Our skydiving instructors are experienced, certified and mostly… passionate about their work !

But first a helicopter flight

Once the briefing’s over, you can take a seat in the helicopter that will take you on a 15-minute flight looking over Mer de glace, the Drus and even the well known Aiguille du midiMountain sceneries that will take your breath away !

You’ll feel the adrenaline pumping, the pressure rising… And at 5000 meters high, sitting on the edge of the helicopter, you’ll seriously ask yourself what you were thinking… We promise you’ll get the answer to that question when arriving at the landing !

The greatest jump… don’t forget your parachute !

There you go for a 3500-meter long free fall where you’ll see the Alps flashing by and Chamonix’s valley getting closer and closer ! An indescribable experience

At 1500 meters your instructor will open the parachute and prepare for a smooth landing.

And that’s when you’ll get your answer, your feet on the ground but your head still in the clouds you’ll know why skydiving was the right choice ! And on top of that you’ll be offered the video of your jump so that you can remind yourself of this exhilarating moment whenever you want.

If you’re looking for some more sensations, have a look at our hang-gliding activity. A lot of adrenaline is also guaranteed !

Skydiving offers

Skydiving in front of Mont Blanc

90 kg max

A 15-minute helicopter flight followed by an exhilarating free fall in front of Mont Blanc ! The entire activity takes about two hours.

  • Minimum age : 11 years old (depending on size)
  • Maximum weight : 90 Kg
  • Health certificate needed
  • Restrictions for people with ear problems or heart conditions.

Where does skydiving take place ?

Location : 400 chemin de la glacière, 74 400 AGENTIERE.

Don’t forget

  • An outfit suited to the weather.
  • A not to thick jacket
  • Sneakers (no high shoes)
  • All of your craziness !!!


1 avis pour Skydiving Annecy

  1. Jérome

    Juste un mot, sensationnel ! La sensation de chute lors du saut de l’hélicoptère en vol stationnaire est unique… pour avoir déjà fait de la chute libre depuis un avion, c’est incomparable. Merci à l’équipe vraiment au top.

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