Paddle & kayak hire


Activ’Annecy offers stand-up paddle or kayak rentals. By yourself, with two or more… On a paddle or in a kayak is the perfect way to discover Lake Annecy in the form of a fun and refreshing activity !

Need some help at first ? Learn the basic techniques during a private course with an experienced kayak or paddle instructor.

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At the end of Lake Annecy, there’s a little piece of heaven commonly called the small lake. By far the most beautiful part of the lake, it’s also where you will find our nautical activities !

Our nautical activities are a lot nicer on the small lake !

Renting a paddle or a kayak ?

There’s no experience or knowledge needed to rent a paddle or kayak, you’ll learn very easily and quickly. If you prefer not to get wet, kayaking is the better option but if you are more athletic and not afraid to fall into the water, paddling is the perfect choice !

Knowing if you’d rather sit or stand up on the water can also help you decide.

Standing on the water with a paddle

Stand up paddling, as you can imagine, is one of the few nautical sports where you can stand up on the water without taking any speed ! Contrary to wakeboarding or wakesurfing, there is no boat to pull you. In between a canoe and a surfboard, you’ll be standing up on a long stable board going forward with the help of a paddle.

For starters you can sit down on your knees on the board and stand up once you’re feeling more comfortable on the board !

Sitting in a kayak

Sitting in a kayak, you’ll move around quicker since you’re more stable. In a kayak you can only sit by yourself whereas in a canoe you can be up to two or three people. So there are more forces in a canoe to paddle, but you’ll need some teamwork to get around on the water !

Private courses to learn quicker

We offer private paddling or kayaking courses so that you can learn this fun activity quicker and most importantly, the right way ! We recommend you take an instructor if you want to discover this nautical activity with children.

Paddle or kayak rentals

Private paddling or kayaking courses

Paddle and kayak courses and rentals

Activity available all year round.

Location : 74 210 DOUSSARD ( 30 minutes from Annecy )

Specific conditions

Minimum age :

  • from 2 years old accompanied by an adult
  • from 6 years old by themselves

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