Gyrocopter Annecy

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Activ’Annecy offers panoramic gyrocopter flights so that you can discover Lake Annecy and its surroundings from the sky in this unusual aircraft.

What’s a gyrocopter ?

A gyrocopter, also called autogyro, is a helicopter looking aircraft.

Powered by a propeller and a horizontal rotor blade (that distinguishes it from other aircrafts), this unusual machine offers an entirely different way of flying, perfect to explore and admire Lake Annecy from a new angle.

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The gyrocopter, a stable ULM

Take place on board of a gyrocopter with Stéphane and Tom (three-axes ULM French vice-champion) for a peaceful aerial activity above Annecy. It’s a very stable aircraft that allows a smooth flight close to the ground so that you can see the fauna and flora from close by. Contrary to most aircrafts the gyrocopter is almost not subject to weather conditions and therefor the flight is very gentle.

Smoothly fly over exceptional landscapes

Explore breathtaking landscapes thanks to our different tours : comfortably seated in the gyrocopter with its panoramic bubble, you’ll have a great view on Lake Annecy !

You can also go for a duo flight so that you can share this wonderful moment with a friend, great memories in sight !

If you’re looking for some more adrenaline, try out a hang-gliding flight and discover another way to fly above Annecy and its lake, this time in free flight…

Flying in a gyrocopter, a dream come true !

You’ve always dreamed of flying an aircraft yourself ? Choose our half-day initiation including two hours of flying with dual controls. Staying safe… but still getting the greatest sensation !

Gyrocopter flight offers

Panoramic flight

45 min
110 kg max

A beautiful 45-minute flight above Lake Annecy and on top of that you can enjoy a great view of Mont Blanc !

  • Minimum age : 7 years old

15 extra minutes : 50 € (choose the long panoramic flight)

Duo flight

45 min
110 kg

Each in your own gyrocopter, fly next to each other for 45 minutes and share this exceptional moment with a friend !

  • Minimum age : 7 years old
  • 15 extra minutes : 50 €

Half-day initiation

110 kg max

Take the lead !

An introduction on the ground followed by 2 hours of flight with dual controls.

Minimum age : 18 years old

How does a gyrocopter flight take place ?

You’ll be able to discover our beautiful gyrocopters when arriving at the hangar. Stéphane and Tom will get you seated and after checking with the control tower, you’re ready to take off ! Make the most of this wonderful moment, admire Lake Annecy‘s landscapes and take some pictures. You’ll gently get down to earth with your head still in the clouds !

Don’t forget

  • An outfit suited to the weather
  • Sunglasses
  • A camera if you want to take pictures

Specific conditions

  • Age limit : from 7 years old
  • Weight limit : up to 110 kg
  • Activity available for people with limited mobility


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